What is Bridget?

Bridget (the Bridge Widget) gives you advance warning of the next five times Tower Bridge will open to let tall vessels pass. If your commute or your job takes you across Tower Bridge often, Bridget should make your planning a little easier.

Additionally, Bridget shows you some handy boatspotting info including the name of the boat and its direction of travel, upstream or down. You can click the name of any boat shown to search for its name on, where you may find photos and more information about it.

If you're using Bridget on your iPhone, you might find it helpful to press the + button on the bottom toolbar and add a link to your home screen for quick reference.

Who Made Bridget?

Sparrk Limited, a small London UX consultancy. We probably should have been building our proper website instead.

The ecosystem powering Bridget also contains code provided by Tom Czarniecki for which we are very grateful. The data comes from the Tower Bridge Website and is updated every hour. The inspiration came from Infovore's genius idea of making Tower Bridge talk, but we don't share any code with that project. Thanks also to superbez for the image we use on Bridget's icon.

Bridget is broken!

Whoops, sorry about that. It may be something we've done, or it may be that the Tower Bridge Website has changed their page structure again. They don't provide an XML feed of bridge lift times so we have to scrape it on the front end. Email us at and we'll do our best to fix it ASAP.